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New F!sh: Co-fermentation of microalgae and mycelium by Koralo

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Koralo is among the first company worldwide using co-fermentation of microalgae and mycelium to create delicious and nutritious food.

Koralo was born in June 2021 after seeing algae washed up on shore during a beach walk. The daughter-father duo wanted to create food that would in Guido’s words: " leave a liveable planet for future generations” & in Sina's: “allow our oceans to revive and thrive”.

The startup has scaled across oceans from Europe to Asia to become a new source of sustainable seafood & will launch its range of seafood products throughout the region in the upcoming months.

New F!sh - a cod fish filet - is the first product the company is launching in South Korea very soon!

It cooks, tastes and flakes like the real thing but even more health goodies:

New F!sh is fat-free, low calorie but still high in fiber, omega-3 and vitamins B2 & B12.

So if you’re in Seoul make sure to give it a taste ;)

Check them out:

⌭ @koralo.foods

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