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Fungi Industry Map

Companies developing mushroom and mycelium based solutions
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The Fungi Industry Map

The Fungi Industry Map aims to foster connections, collaborations, and knowledge dissemination, amplifying the reach and impact of innovative fungal solutions.


Four thematic categories: 

1. Food: Showcasing established and emerging companies leveraging groundbreaking advancements in alternative protein sources, plant-based food ingredients, and fermentation technologies. 

2. Materials: Highlighting innovators in biodegradable packaging, sustainable textiles, and eco-friendly construction materials. 

3. Health: Featuring novel solutions in health supplements, psilocybin therapy, and personal care products, harnessing the power of fungi. 

4. Soil: Focusing on bioremediation, waste management, soil enhancement, and carbon sequestration techniques using fungal processes.

Regular updates and additions will ensure this ecosystem map remains current and relevant, reflecting the rapid growth and evolution of the fungi sector.

Fungi Investor Landscape

VCs, accelerators and financial institutions investing in fungal tech
Fungi Mycelium Mushroom Investment Investor

Fungi Investor 

According to the latest research by InsightAce Analytic, the global mycelium market was valued at US$ 2.95 Billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach US$ 5.49 Billion by 2030.


There are many investors already looking at this space with a magnifying glass, but there is room for much more investment considering the incredible diversity of new fungal tech solutions currently brewing across the globe.


Fungal tech has the possibility to radically revolutionize industries such as the food, fashion, construction, agriculture or consumer product industry, but it will take the capital, patience and trust of investors, and collaboration amongst companies leading this space to reach its promised potential.

Fungi Research Institutions

Academic and scientific organisations pioneering fungi research.
Fungi Mycelium Mushroom Research

Fungi Research 

Pioneering fungi research conducted by universities and scientific research organizations has acted as the backbone of fungi innovation for decades.


In the field of health, fungi have yielded groundbreaking discoveries such as antibiotics like penicillin and promising anti-cancer compounds.


In materials science, fungi offer sustainable alternatives for packaging, insulation, and building materials through the use of mycelium.


Fungi research has enhanced agricultural practices by leveraging mycorrhizal fungi to improve soil fertility and crop yields while reducing dependence on synthetic chemicals.

Fungi have disrupted the food industry with advancements in fermentation processes and the development of fungal-based protein alternatives.

Dedicated research efforts have propelled fungi to the forefront of innovation, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

We present here a non-exhaustive list of over 100 organizations leading fungi research. Help us by adding other research institutions to this ecosystem.

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