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Prime Roots Raise 30 Million USD for Koji-Based Super Protein

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Magic meat made by meat lovers. Prime Roots has brought “destructive innovation” to the food market through their revolutionary mycelium deli meats.

This California based company offers eccentric plant-based meat alternatives that maintain flavor without compromising quality. Founder and CEO Kimberlie Le was raised by chef and restaurateur. Combining her love for food and her knowledge of microbiology to create Prime Roots.

Prime Roots is using a type of Japanese fungi known as koji. This koji-based mycelium “super protein” allows the company to create deli meats that maintain taste and texture while being environmentally sustainable. For thousands of years, koji has been the source of the rich umami taste in things like soy sauce or miso. It is now being used to bring new meat to the market.

Through collaborative efforts with acclaimed chefs, Prime Roots created plant-based dishes that reflect some of the most popular deli meats, including: cracked pepper turkey, black forest ham, hickory bacon, salami, and pepperoni. These meats are nutritionally exceptional as they contain less sodium and are free from nitrates, preservatives, cholesterol, soy, and wheat.

In addition, koji is superior in its processing efficiency as they release nearly 0 byproducts and require only 2-3 days to grow in comparison to the extended years in animal meat processing.

In March of 2020, Prime Roots released a new line of affordable vegan ravioli meals with a variety of flavors including black truffle and chicken, bacon and butternut squash, chicken pesto and sundried tomatoes, and italian-style sausage and lobster.

Stay tuned for more as they have just closed a successful $30 million Series B fundraising round for its deli slices made from mycelium.

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