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New Plant-Fungi Protein Ingredient Combines the Strengths of Microalgae and Mushrooms

Ever heard of ALLIUM? AL for algae, and LIUM for mycelium. The co-culturing of both is what Singapore based Jonathan Ho and Albertus Sarwono believe will disrupt the unsustainable food industry.

As most people already know, traditional agriculture puts enormous pressure on the planet’s resources. And as the world is burning up, we are quickly running out of space and time. Luckily, there are over a thousand companies trying to tackle this problem, and that number is growing every week.

Unfortunately if you’ve tried any alt-protein products recently, you know that we're still not quite there on taste, texture, price, or nutrition. But that's because we're all being held back by non-ideal ingredients, like soy protein, which is really made for livestock not humans.

To solve that, Allium Bio developed a unique system that allows us to produce a new plant protein ingredient that combines the strengths of microalgae and mushrooms to help level up the entire alt-protein industry, with better taste, texture and nutrition, at a uniquely affordable price.

Their system grows microalgae and mushroom roots together, creating a symbiotic partnership between the two species that helps them grow faster, balance out each others' weaknesses, and bring out some very unique properties that can't be created by either plant alone. ""We think of it like a 1+1=10, where the final ingredient is so much more than the sum of its parts!"" says Jon.

Still early in their journey, they are working hard to have commercial samples for our alt-protein pilot partners in the coming months, to test out their protein ingredient with all sorts of food products. Their goal is to support alt-protein teams across the world in their own product development, and help everyone create tastier, healthier, and affordable products that their customers love.

Check them out:

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