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From wine to mushroom production: Embracing local food production in Hawaii

Josh Webb, a seasoned professional with a background in the wine industry and extensive experience in agriculture, has embarked on a new venture in Kauai, Hawaii—Eatable Mushroom Co.

His project is a localized food production initiative, reflecting his diverse expertise from being a farm hand in vineyards to managing a farmers market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Having studied permaculture and worked on various farms, including a turmeric and ginger farm and a cacao farm where he learned chocolate making, Josh found mushrooms to be the most efficient agricultural model.

Eatable is a bit of a guerrilla operation utilizing positive pressure hydroponic tents for clean work and various hydro-tents for incubation and fruiting. Small greenhouses are also utilized for more natural fruiting techniques.

Eatable Mushroom Co. stands out for its minimal space requirements and the production of highly nutrient-dense food. Josh's journey doesn't end with the mushrooms; he transforms the leftover wood-based substrate blocks into compost, showcasing his commitment to healthy soil production—the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture. With a passion for growing healthy and tasty food, Josh aspires to inspire others to embrace local food production, fostering a sense of community and sustainability in the process.


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