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The Protein Brewery's Fermotein Receives Regulatory Approval in the US and Singapore for Fungi-Derived Ingredients

Dutch food tech startup, The Protein Brewery, has achieved a significant milestone with regulatory approval from both US and Singapore authorities for its innovative fungi-derived fermented ingredient, Fermotein.

Joining the ranks of alternative protein pioneers, The Protein Brewery's Fermotein has gained recognition from the Singapore Food Agency and secured Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status from the US Food and Drug Administration.

This regulatory clearance empowers the Breda-based company to import, manufacture, and market food ingredients containing Fermotein in these countries. Rich in fiber and protein, Fermotein is derived from fermentation of water-efficient, non-allergenic crops like cassava, corn, potatoes, sugarcane, and sugar beets, offering global commercialization potential on a sustainable local scale.

Yvonne Dommels, Director of Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs at The Protein Brewery, expressed delight at the collaboration with the Singapore Food Agency, highlighting the openness and transparency characterizing the dialogue throughout the novel food dossier process.

Fermotein boasts functional versatility and environmental sustainability. The Protein Brewery, established in 2020, focuses on transforming low-nutrition-value crops into highly nutritious products using a range of technologies including molecular biology and fermentation. With €26M in total funding and a neutral taste, smell, and color, Fermotein offers a superior alternative to animal and plant-based proteins.

The Protein Brewery's Fermotein is positioned to revolutionize various food products and recipes, including pizzas, pancakes, muffins, and meat analogues, with significantly higher yields compared to traditional protein sources. Its production process is environmentally friendly, utilizing minimal land, water, and emitting low levels of greenhouse gases.

The company's commitment to excellence extends to sensory testing and continuous product improvement, ensuring consumer satisfaction and market competitiveness. The Protein Brewery is forging partnerships with industry leaders to expand its presence and drive consumer acceptance of fungi-based products.

CEO Sue Garfitt emphasized the potential of Fermotein to enhance the nutritional landscape and convenience-driven food choices, particularly in Singapore, a global hub for food tech innovation.

The regulatory approval marks a significant advancement in the fermented protein sector, aligning with global trends towards sustainable and nutritious food solutions. As The Protein Brewery prepares to scale up production and unveil new products, it anticipates a bright future in the fungi-fermentation space, supported by growing investment and consumer demand for innovative protein sources.

[image credits: The Protein Brewery]


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