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New Futures: Mindfulness, Ecology & Fungi

10th Floor Studio is a conceptual art studio operated by Jerome Tavé and Kyle Lawson. They focus on creating work that envision a future we want to see and build together.

Over the last 5 years, Jerome has incorporated fungi as a central part of his work. By experimenting with materials, and presenting them in new ways, Jerome hopes to explore narratives for new futures, while creating awareness and mindfulness around ecology.

As an artist and designer, Kyle explores the intersections of regenerative agriculture, ecosystem restoration, and conceptual art. He's also the co-creator and Technical and Creative Director of Soil Centric, a not-for-profit connecting people to land based climate action.

They've recently released a brilliant body of work reimagining objects of the past and future, mixing different mushroom strains, both mycelium and fruiting body, with aluminium, hemp webbing and more... In Transaltion Tapes, the Reishi antennae are reaching out, attempting to tune into a new frequency and looking for signals through time. They are connecting with everything that's happened before, and all the possibilities this moment can explode into.

"This brings us to the question: how are fungi responding to what we’re leaving behind? What kind of legacy to we want to leave?" - 10th Floor Studio

They are part of a community of artists (The Archery) with whom they share a large space in the Mission district of San Francisco.

Check them out:


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