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Mushlabs: Pioneering the Mushroom Mycelium Revolution in Food


The 50 strong Mushlabs team is on a journey to build more resilient and circular food systems in Europe and beyond. Their state-of-the-art fermentation technology, valorizes local byproducts to produce tasty and nutritious foods from mushroom mycelium. Not biosynthezed fungi protein, but meat alternatives made from the mycelium of edible mushrooms. Yum! But wait, it's no just about replacing meat, but delivering a food system which delivers sustainable, healthy and tasty products.

Circular food system

Mazen Rizk, Cathy Preisser, and Thibault Godard lead the team, and their process involves feeding mycelium with byproducts from agriculture and food industries. In large bioreactors, the mushroom mycelial cells ferment these byproducts, leading to their multiplication. This biological process accumulates delicious and healthy biomass rich in protein and dietary fiber. The harvested biomass serves as the main raw ingredient for all their products.

Sausages, meatballs, spreads, burger patties... you name it! Their goal is to succeed without adding artificial flavors and chemicals or working with GMOs.

Mushlabs team

Know of any other fungi based food innovations out there? Let us know!

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