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Fy Protein: From Yellowstone's Extremophiles to Culinary Excellence and Beyond

Nature Fynd

Mark Kozubal, Co-founder of Nature's Fynd, was collecting extremophile microbe samples in Yellowstone National Park when he discovered Fusarium strain flavolapis. Through a breakthrough fermentation process of this remarkable microbe, they managed to produce a nutritional fungi protein with all 20 amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber, coined as Fy Protein. Even better, it's 24/7 all year round growing cycle requires no sun, rain or soil.

Nutritional Fungi Protein

Fy, acronym for Fusarium of Yellowstone, is used to produce vegan breakfast patties and dairy-free cream cheese and tested in desserts of the 3 Michelin star restaurant Le Bernardin, who's chef, Eric Ruppert acts as a culinary advisor for the VC backed start-up. What more? Fy is now in orbit aboard the SpaceX-25 to develop new ways to provide nutritious, sustainable protein for space exploration.

Fy Protein

Know of any other fungi based food innovations out there? Let us know!

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