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From Banana Skin and Neltle Denim to Mycelium Leather

LifeMaterials is among the companies which have turned to fungi to replace animal leather. Their end product, MuSkin is a 100% vegetable alternative to animal leather and it is made from the Phellinus ellipsoideus, a large parasitic fungus that grows in the wild on the trees located in subtropical forests.

MuSkin is a soft material with a suede-like touch however, its consistency and texture, may vary from soft to slightly harder than cork. The total absence of toxic substances and chemicals in its production makes MuSkin ideal for close-to-skin applications and, being totally natural and rich in endemic penicillins, it could limit the proliferation of bacteria.

MuSkin is highly breathable and can be made waterproof by treating it with eco waxes.

Based in Italy, the sustainable materials company also works with banana skin, Alga Carta, a mix of wood pulp with pest algae or neltle denim.

Fashion designers watch this space. Let us know if you’ve worked with other alternatives.

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