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Nature’s Fynd Launches “World’s First” Fungi-Based Yogurt in U.S. Retailer Whole Foods.

Nature’s Fynd, a food company making meat and dairy alternatives with Fy™, a nutritional fungi protein, has created the world’s first dairy-free, fungi-based yogurt. Dairy-Free Fy Yogurt is a category first and the company is launching their new-to-the-world product at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

Fy Yogurt offers an alternative to traditional and plant-based yogurts by using Fy, a sustainable fungi protein as the base instead of cow milk, nuts, oats, coconut milk or soy like other brands. This is the third product line in the brand’s retail portfolio, which also includes Dairy-Free Cream Cheese and Meatless Fy Breakfast Patties. All three lines will be available nationally at the organic and natural foods grocer later this month.

The single-serve 5.3‑ounce containers of Fy Yogurt come in three delicious flavors: strawberry, peach and vanilla. It has a  thick and creamy consistency without the grittiness often found in high-protein and plant-based yogurts. It is nutritionally dense with 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and is made with live and active cultures. The peach and strawberry yogurts feature only 8 grams of added sugar while the vanilla yogurt has only 9 grams. All of the flavors have no artificial flavors or preservatives. In addition to it being animal-free, Fy Yogurt also has no nuts, soy or gluten, making it an allergy-friendly choice for many consumers. 

“In a crowded market of dairy-free yogurts that often sacrifice nutrition for taste or vice-versa, we have created the world’s first fungi-based yogurt — it is delicious, nutrition-forward and earth-friendly,” said Thomas Jonas, CEO and Co-founder, Nature’s Fynd. ​“Our dairy-free Fy yogurt lets consumers indulge in the creamy taste and texture of dairy with the added wholesome nutrition of 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. We’re proud to deliver this first-to-market product with no tradeoffs—a delicious yogurt that is better for you and better for the planet.” 

Nature’s Fynd grows Fy protein from fungi with origins in Yellowstone National Park via the company’s breakthrough fermentation process. Fy is then crafted into delicious dairy-free Fy cream cheese, meatless Fy breakfast patties and now dairy-free Fy yogurt. At scale, Fy uses a fraction of land and water, while emitting fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional agriculture.

“Whole Foods Market is continually seeking new-to-market products that meet the diverse needs and desires of our consumers,” said Walter Ballenger, Whole Foods Market Category Merchant. ​“Whether it becomes part of someone’s breakfast or snack routine, Nature’s Fynd Dairy-Free Fy Yogurt hits the mark with its new dairy-free, fungi-based yogurt, and we’re happy to bring it to our customers.”

Nature’s Fynd Fy Yogurt will be in the refrigerated section of U.S. Whole Foods Market stores.

For more information on Nature’s Fynd and to find a store near you, visit natures​fynd​.com

About Nature’s Fynd

Nature’s Fynd is a Chicago-based food company creating versatile alternative proteins to nourish the world’s growing population while nurturing the planet. Born out of research conducted for NASA on microbes with origins in Yellowstone National Park, the company’s breakthrough fermentation technology grows Fy™. Fy is a new-to-the-world nutritional fungi protein that uses only a fraction of the resources required by traditional agriculture.


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