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Mycelium Modular Typography to Revolutionize Signage and Event Design

Located between Stuttgart and Lausanne, Nina Flaitz works on visual communication and concept-based art direction. Nina Flaitz is the founder of the research platform Mycelium Resources, through which she applies her expertise as a designer to projects of a sustainable ambition and conducts research into environmentally friendly print applications.

Her current research project focuses on applied typography using mycelium. It deals with the development and application of modular typography made of mycelium material, which can be used for signage and event design and, unlike conventional signage systems, is biodegradable.

Characters are developed from 3D-printed negative forms that are reused to create lettering on mycelium panels for temporary applications. As co-founder of the Design Studio Flaitz Rother she operates within all fields of print and interactive design. She develops books, visual identities, publications and websites for cultural institutions, businesses and individuals.

Check her out: ⌭ @ninaflaitz ⌭ Image credits: @mycelium.resources


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