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Mushroom Based Paper Inspired from the Ancestral Japanese Washi Technique

Since September 2020, Tanja Major's fascination of mushrooms has led her to work artistically with their substance and pigments, to create mushroom based paper. She calls it "Mykobütten".

She use various techniques of handmade paper, some of which consist of ancient manufacturing processes, such as from the Japanese Washi technique.

According to a Japanese legend, whoever folds a thousand origami cranes (千羽鶴, senbazuru) will be granted a wish by the gods. Senbazuru are often made in Japan to wish for good luck, healing from illness, long life and peace.

The orizuru (折鶴 ori- "folded", tsuru "crane") is one of the most famous origami motifs, the Japanese art of paper folding. It represents the Japanese red-crowned crane and is considered a good luck charm.

Her vision would be that fewer trees are cut down and virgin forests are protected.

To this end, Tanja Major has worked on the development of handmade mushroom paper, it shows new ways of paper making, consists of almost 100% mushrooms and is therefore a "compostable or sustainable art" that can be given back to nature or the forest.

Check her out:

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