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Mogu's Mycelium Symphony: Soundscaping the Future of Sustainable Workspaces

Mogu Mycelium Acoustic Panels

Italian biodesign firm, Mogu, has launched one of the world’s first mycelium acoustic panel systems, providing companies with a more sustainable option for reconfiguring their workspaces for the post-pandemic world. The products are the result of five years of continuous and iterative R&D on mycelium technology.

The panels are made of acoustic modules consisting of the vegetative tissue of fungus cultivated using agricultural residues from the textile industry – supported by a framing of regional beech wood. These mushroom cultures combine and interlink with the natural fibres, and after a final heat treatment, create a new, durable bio-composite material with proven sound-absorbing properties. Top of the pops - The system is a carbon store as the mycelium locks in the carbon from the natural substrates during its growth cycle.

Biomaterial experts, let us know if you’ve worked with other alternatives.

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