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Milestone: The World's First Self-Supporting Mycelium Structure

Introducing the world’s first self-supporting #mycelium structure. We've been following Red House Studio Architecture for a few years now, and we're stocked about this new, incredible milestone.

The house completed end of 2023 was made from the waste of mushroom farming, which was made from the biomass waste of Namibian bush that needs to be removed to combat desertification.

Oyster mushrooms were grown on the bush waste and went to market, and the cultivation waste was converted into blocks that rival Namibian concrete blocks strength at 6MPa.

The myco-blocks are used to make the structural walls and serve as insulation as well. The myco-blocks also sequester 1kg of CO2 for every kilogram produced whereas concrete emits 1kg/kg. The process also regenerates land by bush thinning inline with conservationists recommendation, and provides food security – concrete has never done that.

MycoHab is now moving from a project within @MIT and @StandardBank to a company that will develop this process further hoping to build millions of homes with the Regenerative process.


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