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HAUBio: Turkish Mycelium Material Design Start-Up

Mehmet Çerkezoğlu, architect, and lecturer, launched HAU - Bio-Based Materials 4 years ago, Turkey's pioneering mycelium technology company.

HAU operates as an R&D company, showcasing organic designs and an innovative vision to replace products impacting our daily lives.

Guided by the principles of the circular economy, their products focus on growth and cultivation, providing biodegradable solutions without compromising performance.

Fungi develop specialized structures called hyphae to extract nutrients from beneath the soil. The extensive network created by these hyphae is known as mycelium.

In the HAU laboratory, agricultural wastes like corncobs, walnut and hazelnut shells, sunflower stalks, straw, and hemp mulch, sourced from farmers, are skilfully combined to create packaging, construction, and consumer products. As these products are mycelium-based and produced without any chemicals, they are fully compostable and biodegradable.

Cerkezoglu reports attaining around 80% carbon emission reduction, 82% less water usage, and 72% electricity saved compared to an equivalent petrochemical polymer based product.

Taking inspiration from its architect founder, the company aims to diversify its R&D efforts by exploring sound and thermal insulation panels for the construction sector.

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