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Fusing Art and Nature: Cosimo De Vita's Mycelium Melody

Cosimo De Vita, a talented Florentine designer and artisan, calls himself an artigineer. Coming from a family of artisans, he had been making chairs for over a decade before embarking on a new creative path working with biocomposites. Created for the eco-sustainability focused fair Salone del Mobile in Milan, Metapuntoverso is a series of mycelium sculptures inspired by the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico. He grew the shape of an antique bust in a 20-25 degree sterile environment and then simply baked it. In his words " I wanted to send a message of Why do things always have to last forever. This will regenerate and fertilize the earth. We are so used to buying and accumulating things. It’s nice that it incorporates stages of life and will have a start and finish."

A beautiful anthem to nature and all of the ancient wisdom we can draw from it.

Know of any other MycoArtists out there? Let us know.

Check them out:

⌭ @cosimodevita

⌭ @yulidaquino (photo credits)

⌭ @valeriavivequi (photo credits)

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