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Functional Mushrooms are Shaping the Future of Wellness for both the Young and Older Generations

Wellness is a growing priority for consumers, with a surge in vitamin and supplement sales, particularly in categories like performance and recovery, mood, and digestion. Mushrooms, renowned for their adaptogenic properties, are emerging as a key player in the wellness industry, contributing to the unprecedented growth expected through 2024.

London-based DTC wellness brand, Spacegoods, recently secured a $3.1 million seed round after gaining popularity on TikTok. The brand offers powder blends with imaginative names like 'Rainbow Dust' and 'Astro Dust,' targeting Gen Z with energy and relaxation benefits. Infused with Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane, Spacegoods plans to triple its 2023 revenue and expand its product line to include new powder flavors and gummies.

Functional mushroom trends extend to beverages, exemplified by Odyssey, a brand infusing Lions Mane and Cordyceps into its functional beverages. Recently completing a $6 million funding round, Odyssey emphasizes wellness with its proprietary functional mushroom-based formula, catering to the growing demand for ready-to-drink mushroom-infused products.

FreshCap, another player in the functional mushroom space, secured a nationwide retail partnership with GNC. Specializing in organic, non-GMO products formulated for immunity, energy, cognitive function, and stress relief, FreshCap's Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Ultimate Mushroom capsules have witnessed a 70% year-over-year sales increase. Originally a gourmet mushroom farm founded in Canada in 2015, FreshCap was acquired by Heyday last year.

Beyond the trendiness of mushroom-infused products, research suggests that mushrooms have been integral to medicinal and nutritional purposes for centuries. Found in blue zone regions like Okinawa, Japan, where residents enjoy longer-than-average lifespans, fungi form a significant component of their diets. As consumer interest in functional mushrooms grows, brands like Spacegoods, Odyssey, and FreshCap are positioned to redefine the wellness landscape with products inspired by the enduring benefits of mushrooms.

If you're looking for more information about what to buy, make sure you review our Functional Mushroom Guide.


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