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Smallhold's Fungi Farming: A Vision for Local, Sustainable Nutrition

Smallhold Fungi Farming

In the Heart of Brooklyn, a Fungal Revolution Takes Root

In the bustling urban landscape of Brooklyn, two visionary minds, Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino, embarked on a quest to reimagine the way we nourish ourselves. Their vision? A world where every home and business could effortlessly cultivate the mushrooms they savor, enriching their diets with nutritious delights. In 2017, Smallhold, a pioneering farming technology company, was born, ushering in an era of automated, modular, remotely-managed, and subscription-based growing systems.

Within Smallhold's controlled-environment growing systems lies the power to bestow upon food industry professionals the ability to yield a bounty of consistent and reliable local produce. This produce is meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of individual businesses and menus, all while remaining impervious to the capricious forces of climate and market fluctuations.

Notably, retailers of the caliber of Whole Foods have thrown their weight behind this Brooklyn-based start-up, urging it to expand production. The impetus for this growth? A surging demand for specialty mushrooms across the United States and Europe. As Andrew Carter explains, "The plan is to build these farms all over the place," a sentiment underscored by Smallhold's remarkable growth from a humble 13-member team in 2017 to a formidable force of over 70 employees today, propelled by a substantial $25 million series A funding round.

The question that remains: Could there be a Smallhold farm cropping up near you?

For further exploration:

📸 ⌭ @specialnothing

📸 ⌭ @zepharc (capturing the alchemy of humidity and temperature-controlled ultraviolet-tinted incubation tanks)

📸 ⌭ @maggiehshannon (portraits of the visionaries, Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino)

In the convergence of mycology, innovation, and architectural ambition, Smallhold's fungi-fueled culinary revolution finds its distinct place.


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