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MycoTemple: a space for physical and spiritual transformation.

MycoTemple is a space for physical and spiritual transformation. It’s a five meters wide dome, woven by mycelium. This architecture harnesses the organism’s potential to grow temples.

The immersion into this organism activates a state of augmented awareness and a feeling of presence. It awakens something primordial deep inside of us. MycoTemple is meant to nurture our essential bond with the Living. It is a space for collective experiences and will shelter events to foster new imaginaries.

All the emotions and dreams birthed in the dome will nurture this porous material. MycoTemple is bound to return to the Earth, and to fertilize the soil with all the energy it has absorbed. Its disappearance is part of the aesthetic experience of the artwork. It invites the visitors to come back throughout the seasons, and witness the passing of time.

As the mycelium biodegrades, it will reveal a hidden architecture. A wooden structure, entirely hand-carved, by the Côme Di Meglio, friends and artists.

Côme and his team took care of all the stages of mycelium culture in his artist studio in Marseille. Architectural-sized dome segments were grown using a low-tech approach and industrial waste, mainly sawdust.

Côme Di Meglio is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Marseille. He creates installations and architectures meant to foster states of presence and augmented awareness. His artworks find meaning through collective experiences and gatherings that are imagined for these spaces.

MycoTemple is a manifesto of his journey for creating temples - spaces to nourish that essential part of our being: our spiritual dimension.

Following this significant milestone in his artistic journey, Côme will focus towards delving deeper into the essence of temples, further innovating with mycelium as an awe-inspiring material, and fostering a dialogue between ancient craftsmanship and bio-material innovation.

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