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Mushroom Harvesting Revolution: Mycionics' Innovations in Farming Automation

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Mushroom cultivation is booming and projected to reach $20 billion by 2025, yet it remains labor-intensive, with staffing expenses accounting for about a third of production costs. In response to this challenge, Canadian-based AgTech firm Mycionics Inc., established in 2014, aiming to lead in farming automation, is at the forefront of tackling the mushroom industry's labor shortage through advanced agricultural robotics and automation solutions.

Data analytics, machine learning, and AI optimize harvesting, enhancing mushroom quality, consistency, and yield. It improves safety, traceability, and disease detection, while meeting global demand by tailoring harvesting based on size, stem length, and quality. This data-driven approach enhances metrics, providing insights for better agronomic, commercial, and operational solutions.

With Mycionics' robot harvester, farms achieve 5-20% more mushrooms and under 10% bruising, surpassing industry standards. Using a "smart graze harvesting" approach increases growing room yields by continually picking mushrooms at their prime over 24 hours, as opposed to conventional hours.

Mycionics is poised to become the world's pioneer in fully automating the end-to-end mushroom harvesting process for the fresh market. CEO Michael Curry Mycionics states the patented robotic harvest system is designed for seamless integration into current farm infrastructure commonly used throughout the world by autonomously handling harvesting, trimming, and packaging to meet the highest quality standards.

Mycionics' expansion hopes to create high-tech jobs globally, particularly in Canadian rural communities.

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