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Kinoko: A Window into the Mystical World of Japanese Mushrooms

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nathaniel Guy, commonly known as "Nat," proud Kentuckian, presently based in Tokyo, Japan, from where he published "Kinoko: A Window into the Mystical World of Japanese Mushrooms." earlier this year.

He started his career at Nintendo in Seattle, before completing a dual master's degrees in Computer Science and Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering which led him into the realm of space exploration, at the esteemed NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Soon after, the magnetic pull of Japan beckoned him to the Far East as he moved to Tokyo, to work on space debris mitigation at Astroscale, a company dedicated to preserving our celestial environment.

His interests extend far beyond engineering though, encompassing the Japanese language and culture, where he established himself as a professional Japanese translator. This medley of passions ultimately led to the publication of Kinoko, a book which offers an enthralling exploration of Japanese mushrooms and their profound cultural significance.

Tune in this exclusive interview as we discuss Japanese mushroom varieties, historical and cultural insights, haiku poetry and essays, local mycology societies, fungi inspired anime, future projects, and more.


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