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Indie Science: Unravelling the mysteries of modern biotechnology through fungal genetic engineering.

Meet Josh McGinnis, the founder of EveryMan Bio, a trailblazer in the realm of DIY biology and an independent researcher. Transitioning from an accomplished software engineer to a self-taught DIY biologist, Josh embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries of modern biotech, with a particular focus on fungal genetic engineering.

EverymanBio, initially conceived as a documentation of Josh's personal learning odyssey, has evolved into a dynamic platform harnessing his expertise in coding, consulting, and coaching. Josh's mission extends beyond personal growth, aiming to cultivate a community of passionate self-learners dedicated to advancing knowledge in DIY biology, science, and genetic engineering.

The ethos of EverymanBio is rooted in empowering individuals on a mission to better themselves and the world through the pursuit of knowledge. By fostering a supportive community, Josh envisions overcoming barriers and challenges that impede the realization of one's potential. With fifteen years of self-taught software engineering under his belt, Josh now embarks on the ambitious task of teaching himself genetic engineering, documenting the triumphs and heartaches along the way to inspire others on their unique journeys.

As an indie scientist and fungal researcher, Josh's passion extends to collecting, sequencing, and screening novel fungal strains across North America. His commitment is further exemplified by the establishment of his own lab and sequencing tools, including a customized LMS. In his curated library lie rare and unique fungal strains, holding promise in diverse fields such as agriculture, pest control, bioremediation, food, and medicine.

Josh's collaborative spirit shines through as he partners with labs and researchers, exploring the untapped potential of his fungal strains. EveryMan Bio is not just a personal endeavor; it's a mission to demonstrate the potency of indie and institutional partnerships. Through successful collaborations, decentralization of biotech knowledge, and the creation of more indie scientists and biotech startups, Josh is reshaping the landscape of genetic research.

In a world where traditional boundaries are challenged, EveryMan Bio stands as a beacon, inspiring others to break free from constraints and embrace the boundless possibilities of independent scientific exploration.


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