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Fungal Futurism: Mycelium Marvels Paving the Path to Sustainability

Studio Cartier is the brainchild of Andy Cartier, French designer working with Rosa Hämäläinen, both of whom are fascinated by bio-materials and their potential for a more sustainable future. Mainly working with mycelium, their work explore the technical and conceptual borders of fungal material. They have worked with mycelium composites such as Hedelcomposite or GrownBio to create 100% biodegradable products and structures, all more awe inspiring and reflection inducing than the other.

Here are a few perfect examples of the versatility of this breakthrough fungal material when combined with brilliant creativity and craft.

1. The ’Living Shelter’ at Floriade’s Mycelium Parc.

Living shelter out of mycelium

2. A surfboard made with mycelium composite mixed with horticultural waste, grown with linen fibers and coated with a high percentage of plant based resin.

Mycelium surfboard

3. Mymo - A modular acoustic system.

Modular acoustic from mycelium

4. A natural fungi-based coating, applied on mycelium.

Fungi based coating

5. A mycelium wall lamp

Mycelium wall lamp

6. Research on different types of biomass

Research on various types of biomass

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