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Functional Mushroom Cheat Sheet

Functional mushrooms have recently garnered significant attention for their wide-ranging health benefits. This has led to hundreds of companies putting all sorts of mushroom supplement products on the market, for the right, or wrong reasons.

When purchasing mushroom supplement products, it's crucial to understand the various types of functional mushrooms and their distinct properties.

This knowledge will not only help you make informed buying decisions, but will also enable you to find the most suitable supplement for your specific health goals.

What mushroom for what health benefit?

What impacts potency and quality?

What does adaptogenic really mean?

What supplements are compatible?

How do I guarantee safety with my pre-existing health conditions?

What’s a sustainable and ethically produced supplement?

Time for whoever is interested in leveraging the incredible medicinal properties unique to different mushroom strains to spot red flags and know what you’re buying.

Curious to know more? Check out Roshni’s course on the topic.







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