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Dr. Nicole Hynson: Exploring the Symbiotic Relationships Between Fungi, Plants and Microbes

We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Nicole Hynson, a passionate researcher and advocate for the vital role fungi play in shaping our ecosystems and addressing global challenges.

Image Credits: Suzette Bousema

Nicole is an Associate Professor at the Pacific Biosciences Research Center at the University of Hawaiʻi in Mānoa and heads the Hynson Lab for Community Ecology. She’s also an associate at the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN) an organization dedicated to mapping mycorrhizal fungal communities and advocating for their protection.

With a Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley, Nicole has been at the forefront of mycological research since 2012. Her diverse lab team, consisting of scientists with backgrounds in ecology, evolution, physiology, and computational biology, collaborates to untangle the intricate interactions between plants, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Today we'll delve into the groundbreaking work of the Hynson Lab and SPUN, exploring the symbiotic relationships between fungi and plants, the complexities of microbial symbiosis, and their crucial importance in the sustenance of healthy ecosystems around the world.


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