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Bio-Based SurfBoards Made in Brittany

I had the pleasure of meeting with Thibaut Fournel, Myco-Innovator hailing from Brittany, France, with MAKŪ surf founder Marco Juliot.

Together with two sea loving partners, Alexandre and Pierre, they have created a #biodegradable and #biosourced surfboard. They chose mycelium, a promising future material with low energy costs, eco-friendly and locally produced, to replace the polystyrene currently used in the production of boards. They also chose flax fibre as a replacement for fibreglass and a bio-based resin instead of epoxy.

Their goal is to design boards with minimal environmental impact, from their production to the end of the boards' life cycle, as in compost to feed the soil. Their project is a declaration of intent in favour of the planet and an environmentally friendly approach to cleaner surfing in symbiosis with the ocean.

A mycelium network is an inspiring example, working with multiple organic compounds enhances their overall growth and health. This interconnectedness shows us that an alliance with nature to create a more sustainable and harmonious future is possible. By taking a cue from this complex and interconnected system, it teaches us that we can build a more resilient society and ecosystems for all to enjoy.

After several experiments, they have been able to address several issues and produce a first prototype. They are currently building three prototypes which will be tested on Brittany's finest surfing spots this summer, before scaling productions.

Check them out:


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