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Connecting people who wish to harness the power of Fungi to address the most pressing issues of our time.

mushroom applications.

Fungi, mushrooms and mycelium, are nature's innovators.

Their unique ability to break down complex compounds and transform them into valuable resources make them powerful tools which can help us reduce plastic waste, CO2 emissions, unsustainable animal-based food production, soil and water pollution.

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Light, compostable, fire retardant, versatile, fungi are the ultimate sustainable material, already replacing plastics, animal-based leather, plywood, and much more to come.

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Fungi heal us, from penicillin to psilocybin induced collective consciousness. Continuous progress in fungi DNA sequencing is unlocking life-saving cures, to both physical and mental illnesses.

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Fungi have been used for centuries to make our food more nutrient rich and flavourful. From meatless burger patties, to organic mushroom milk, a new food revolution is now underway.



Ideas gained from looking at an organism artistically can enable us to think “outside the box”. Art triggers in us emotions which can lead to action and collaboration, both vital to the exploration of fungi.

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Mushrooms are nature's recyclers. Builders of soil and strengtheners of ecosystems, they can degrade toxic waste in soil and waterways, while sustainably increasing yields on our farms.

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The fungi innovation space is one driven by citizen scientists and advocates of a society rooted in nature's wisdom. Open access to knowledge is a cornerstone to the necessary growth of this field of research. 

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Fungi Industry Map

Discover all the companies and startups operating in the fungi space. Divided into four key themes – Food, Materials, Health, and Environment – this ecosystem map showcases the cutting-edge solutions and applications stemming from fungal technology.


latest news.

Recent community highlights covering mushroom and mycelium based innovation

in food, design, biomaterials, environmental remediation and more.



Fungi are the architects of the natural world, integral to all life.

They sustain critical ecosystems, recycling nutrients and connecting plants across vast areas. They're also the enablers of many staples of modern life, such as wine, chocolate, bread, detergent and penicillin.


Today, in the face of urgent ecological, societal and spiritual crises, fungi are being engineered to grow meat alternatives, create new sources of medicine, produce sustainable biomaterials, remediate the environment and even expand our collective consciousness.

As a fungi innovation network, MycoStories showcases and connects citizen scientists, mycologists, entrepreneurs and investors around the world who wish to harness the power of mushrooms and mycelium to address the most pressing issues of our time.

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