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Sculpting with Fungi: Jessica Dias' Hyper Articulated Mycopmorph

Hyper Articulated Mycomorph

In the realm of innovative design, Jessica Dias presents the Hyper Articulated Mycopmorph, a remarkable table prototype. Crafted using digitally fabricated 3D-printed biodegradable PLA, it serves as a temporary scaffold for the flourishing growth of mycelium.

Jessica Dias mycelium

The world of myco-composite materials has seen extensive exploration. These materials boast a trifecta of virtues: they are lightweight, surprisingly robust in terms of strength, and exhibit remarkable performance under both tension and compression. What's more, they effortlessly reintegrate into nature's nutrient cycle, owing to their easy biodegradability. The icing on the cake? The production process is not only cost-effective but also incredibly energy-efficient. They've poised themselves as formidable contenders to traditional composites, yet, alas, their existing designs lack a certain finesse.

Enter the objective of this research endeavor: to birth a new, sophisticated aesthetic language for myco-composite objects. This mission is accomplished by meticulously observing and simulating mycelium's behavior within diverse substrates, all while maintaining strict control over the environmental growth conditions.

The modus operandi unfolds in four distinctive steps. First, there's the quest to pinpoint the perfect concoction to enable full mycelium colonization of a substrate, one that harmoniously blends bulk, fibers, and nutrients for optimal strength and binding. Once the alchemical mixture is ascertained, step two beckons: the meticulous design and production of the scaffold. The critical juncture arrives in step three, where the scaffold is tenderly incubated with the mycelium substrate mix. A word to the wise: sterility is paramount here, as contamination poses a formidable threat. Finally, in step four, one simply must cross their fingers and hope for the mycelium to thrive, thus binding the scaffold and breathing life into the table.

As the saying goes, you're encouraged to try this fascinating experiment at home.

For a deeper dive into this extraordinary endeavour, explore the work of those involved:

- Jessica Dias: @formalisedcuriosities

- Bio.Babes: @bio.babes

- Marcos Cruz: @marcoscruzbioid

- Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC): @iaacbcn

In a world that draws inspiration from nature's artistry, this fusion of science, design, and mycology blurs the boundaries between the organic and the fabricated.


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