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Local Bee: Reviving UK Honeybees with Mycelium Hives

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The plight of the honeybee is a tale of ecological distress, a story of wild populations teetering on the brink of extinction due to the ever-evolving landscape of the UK. Amidst this crisis, emerges a bright spark of hope, a visionary startup named 'Local Bee,' dedicated to restoring these vital pollinators to their native habitats.

At the heart of this endeavour lies the ingenious hive designer, Will Jordan, whose unconventional choice of material is turning heads and raising brows. Jordan, with an eye for innovation, turned to mycelium, that intricate network of fungal threads, to craft a hive that mirrors the natural hollows of trees. This choice wasn't mere whimsy; mycelium, as it turns out, boasts remarkable qualities that align seamlessly with the needs of a beehive.

Mycelium, with its porous structure, proves to be an exceptional insulator, tackling two pivotal factors crucial to a hive's health: temperature control and humidity regulation. The result? Delighted, stress-free bees and an energy-efficient hive that contributes to their well-being.

What sets mycelium apart is its featherweight nature, providing all the advantages of a log hive's wall thickness without the cumbersome weight. The bees' new abode, known as 'The Harold,' serves as a transitional hive, a stepping stone in the journey to rewild honeybees and restore balance to the ecosystem.

But that's not the only marvel of this mycelium masterpiece. The hive is designed with sustainability at its core. Its mycelium sections can be easily replaced, ensuring longevity and reducing waste. These used sections, enriched with propolis and beeswax, two natural by-products of bees, enter a graceful cycle of biodegradation accelerated by the mycelium. It's a circular dance, where every part contributes to nourishing the earth.

Mycelium beehive

Accompanying 'The Harold' are a cast of other mycelium-infused hives, including 'The Eddie,' a national hive featuring cork, cedar, and a substantial mycelium presence. These hives are a testament to the versatility and potential of mycelium in sustainable beekeeping.

And as a final touch, the inserts, crafted by the Magical Mushroom Company®, employ mycelium and agricultural waste, growing in just a week and decomposing entirely within 40 days.

In a world where the survival of honeybees is intertwined with our own, Local Bee's mycelium revolution serves as a beacon of hope, an ode to nature's resilience, and a clarion call to protect these remarkable pollinators.

To join the buzz and learn more:

Instagram: @_localbee

Magical Mushroom Company®: @magicalmshroom


In the intricate web of mycelium, innovation and sustainability are the threads that weave a future where honeybees and humans coexist harmoniously.


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