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Join the MycoStories World Tour!

Calling all mushroom enthusiasts, mycologists, mycelium entrepreneurs, and fungi researchers! I'm embarking on an epic adventure, traversing the globe to meet and collaborate with incredible individuals in the fascinating world of fungi. 🌱🍄

For the first leg of our journey, we're diving head first into the captivating landscapes of Asia, specifically Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. From August until the end of the year, I'll be immersing myself in the rich fungal wonders of these countries, uncovering untold stories, and forging inspiring connections.

You work with mushrooms and you have a unique story to share? Or perhaps you're an entrepreneur harnessing the power of mycelium to create sustainable solutions? Maybe you're a researcher delving into the depths of fungal mysteries? I want to meet you!

Through the MycoStories network, I'm dedicated to showcasing the diverse voices and groundbreaking work of individuals shaping the future of Fungi. From innovative farming techniques, to mind-blowing medicinal and materials breakthroughs, there's so much to explore and celebrate.

Join me on this incredible journey by reaching out to share people and organisations you think we should meet.

Whether you want to share your own mycological adventures or introduce us to a mycelium entrepreneur making waves in the industry, we're all ears! 📢🍄

Together, let's uncover the hidden world of fungi and inspire each other to create a more sustainable and interconnected future. Stay tuned as we share updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and captivating stories @mycostories.

Let's ignite the power of the mycelium! 🌱✨🍄

Last but not least, do get in touch if you're interested in sponsoring this adventure.





Thanks to Joerg Daiber - @spoonfilm for his amazing tilt-shift videos of Singapore and Indonesia, @visitjapanjp for the stunning timelapse of Japan, @fantasticfungi for the fungi ones and @everymanbio for the petri dish ones.


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