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Crafting Eco-Ethical Guitars with Rachel Rosenkrantz

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Rachel Rosenkrantz, a French luthier ensconced in the scenic landscapes of New England, is more than a mere instrument maker. She is a conscientious artisan, ardently dedicated to pioneering ecological and ethical alternatives in her craft.

Her repertoire includes a symphony of inventive solutions, like the substitution of banal plastic components with the sumptuous elegance of fish leather. With a fervor that resonates through her atelier, she cultivates her very own bio-materials, such as kombucha SCOBY leather for the exquisite heads of banjos. In a harmonious blend of science and artistry, she nurtures mycelium strands within discarded hemp and agricultural byproducts, birthing electric guitar bodies that are not just musical instruments but sustainable masterpieces.

Rachel's virtuosity extends to the realm of woodcraft, as she embarks on an expedition through the annals of local shipyard-reclaimed timbers. Her exploration delves deep into the nuances of "underrated" wood species, unlocking their hidden tonal treasures, enriching her lutherie library with unique soundscapes.

Curious about the enchanting melodies of Rachel Rosenkrantz's ecological journey?

Discover her world:

As her craft harmonizes with nature, delve into the symphonic tapestry of fungi, mycology, innovation, and the pulsating rhythms of her musical innovations.


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