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Chiber: Mushrooms Leading the Preservation Renaissance

In the ceaseless quest for pristine and enduring consumer products, preservation stands as an essential pillar. Yet, the elusive quest for natural, effective solutions to this necessity has long stumped many. Enter Natasha Dhayagude, the visionary founder of Chinova Bioworks, who embarked on a mission in 2016 to marry innovation with nature, culminating in the creation of clean-label ingredients and a sustainable reduction in food waste.

Chinova's gaze turned to the natural world, the consummate repository of organic marvels. In this verdant realm, the unassuming white button mushroom emerged as a marvel—the key to unlocking a transformative alternative to artificial preservatives: Chiber™, a fiber extracted from these humble fungi.

Harnessing the inherent preservation properties of mushrooms, Chiber™ proves to be a formidable adversary to conventional artificial preservatives. This sustainable advancement has birthed a new era where allergen-free, diet-friendly, and naturally effective preservatives align seamlessly with consumer demands for transparent product labeling.

The production of mushroom extracts mirrors the age-old, organic genesis of most plant fibers. The process begins with the drying and grinding of the mushroom, followed by a meticulous purification of the fiber from the stems through the gentle caress of heat and water.

Chiber™, the flagship product, intricately interweaves with various consumables, from enhancing beverages to elevating plant-based dairy or meat, sauces, and baked goods. It heralds an era where the nourishing essence of mushrooms, refined into a potent fiber, infuses itself into the heart of culinary innovation.

Mycobrio™, a sibling creation, emerges from the stems of mushrooms, meticulously crafted to furnish a broad spectrum of protection against spoilage. Its purview encompasses the realms of yeast, mold, and bacteria, guarding the sanctity of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. And in the creative corridors of Chinova, whispers of a cosmetics-focused creation gain momentum—a testament to the expansive potentiality nestled within this fungal treasure trove.

For a deeper dive into this mycological odyssey, the digital realm beckons:

Stay captivated by the latest tales of fungal innovators, artists, and experts, courtesy of @mycostories 🦸🏻‍♀️🍄🦸🏽‍♂️. Amidst these narratives, the fungi world unfurls its enigmatic allure, inviting the world to savor its marvels.


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