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Honey Truffle Sweetener: 2,500 times Sweeter than Sugar with Negligible Calories

MycoTechnology has been tackling food production challenges with fermented mycelium, since 2013: bitter blockers, salt and sugar reduction, protein enhancement, the list goes on.

The US-based food tech company that has created an innovative organic food processing platform, achieving sustainable and efficient production by outperforming animal products, reducing anti-nutrients, and improving digestibility, resulting in 99.9% protein digestion.

MycoTech's latest innovation, EvolveIQ Cordyceps sinensis powder, is cultivated in stainless steel tanks with liquid nutrients, ensuring pure bioactive content.

Another recent promising project in R&D is the "honey truffle sweetener" a sugar substitute curbing sugar intake. This sweetener offers a sugar-like taste without aftertaste, unlike stevia, and it is 1,500 to 2,500 times sweeter than sugar, yet has negligible calories.

Their most recent $85M capital raise (Series E) will bolster the proprietary fermentation platform, drive global growth, and accelerate innovation. Plans include introducing new fungal-derived ingredients, advancing "plant-based 2.0" with allergen-free, superior alternatives.

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