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Soil Regeneration Through Fungal Prebiotics

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

"Because Mankind thrives when Soils do, we want to regenerate Soil health and fungi are the best allies of farmers in that quest. The infinitely small for the greater good: living soils." - Francis Bucaille

Founded in 2014 by Francis Bucaille and Samuel Marquet, Gaïago is accelerating the agroecological transition towards a more sustainable agriculture. The French scale-up is leveraging the power of fungi to restore fertility and put back Carbon where it belongs: in soils.

61% of world arable soils are degraded according to ICCP. Farmers are facing erosion and productivity problems along with loss of resilience due to climate change.

Over the years, Gaïago has developed NUTRIGEO to revitalize agricultural soils. Their solution, consists of a "cocktail" of natural components that reawakens, nourishes, and develops the soil's microbial flora, particularly the beneficial fungal flora, to catalyze the natural processes of soil structuring and the creation of stable organic matter (humus). This technology is a prebiotic: it does not contain living microorganisms but stimulates endogenic fungi that are already living in the soils.

By leveraging fungi, NUTRIGEO accelerates significantly nutrients release and can therefore ensure better plant growth with a yield increase of 7% measured on potatoes across Europe with major potatoes producers.

Accelerated humification also increases long-lasting Organic Matter and leads to faster carbon sequestration : threefold vs. regenerative agriculture practices.

Gaïago's work is an important cogwheel in soil protection and enhances awareness about the importance of land and soil management on a major and scalable level.

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