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MycoAudio: New Soundsystem Leveraging Mushroom Material Properties

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Could the ultimate soudsystem be made out of mushrooms?

Mycoaudio designs and manufactures speakers and audio technologies. They are a creative entity where audio research and technology meets nature.

The speaker is assembled by creating a raku fired ceramic shell which then encapsulates a reishi mushroom mycelium core insulation. Raku is a traditional Japanese technique of firing that results in an abstract finish, offering the speakers their varied organic look and natural appeal.

The root structure replaces the functions of the typical plastic foam lining that are open inside of speakers. Since the roots of mycelium are similar to the foam insulation used occasionally inside speakers, it doesn't compromise the acoustic quality.

For the technically minded, their R1 bookshelf speaker model is an active 2 way closed enclosure with a 3 inch woofer and a 1 inch tweeter.

Mycoaudio are active in the intersection between art, technology, and nature, working with both artists and collaborating with galleries to create elevated art and sound experiences and exhibitions that are driven by mindfulness, and eco-awareness.

Mycoaudio introduces biology, mycology and various natural materials to each of their models. Their goal is to deliver high quality audio products while using natural materials and cultivation techniques. Sounds like music to our ears!

Check them out:

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